What are the settings that can be used for efficient and effective use of Gmail inbox?

Well, there is nothing as good as email for the purpose of communication, also there are so many email services that the user can use for the exchange of email messages, but out of those all still the one that is considered mostly by people is Gmail, other than security there are many other reasons also for which one should prefer using Gmail. The user interface design of the service is also very easy and smooth and also the inbox of the Gmail account is really well sorted.

But it is very important for the users to know the exact way of using the service, as only then they will further be able to make it the most beneficial for them, and the service will only then be able to show its proper efficiency. Gmail email service is really huge and there is a lot regarding it that one can talk about, but discussing whole Gmail would be a problem as that would be confusing, so here for now we will limit our discussion just to the efficient and effective use of Gmail inbox, yes you read it right there are people who are still not totally familiar of the efficiency and capability of Gmail inbox.

Given below are the features especially that have been added to the Gmail inbox for making it more efficient and effective for the users:

Smart compose: There was already a compose section added in the Gmail account, that Was there for people to write down the body of their email but now in the updated version of Gmail there is the smart compose feature that is there to help them in saving time.

Different inbox configurations: There are so many different types of inbox configuration and design layouts, which the user can choose from options that are available. The user can thus keep the inbox as per the preference.

Set priority emails: In order to use the Gmail email inbox effectively and also in an efficient manner, the user should also get the settings for the emails done accordingly so that the user will further be able to see the priority or the important emails on the top and this there is no scope left for the users of Gmail to then be left from the eye.

Easy optimization and organizing emails: The Gmail inbox is also very easy to be used and to be optimized and organized so that it would always appear clean and will always be very easy for the users to understand. There are 11 different icons that the users can use in order to mark all the important emails, the user would also be able to differentiate emails in the inbox, thus the inbox would be more attractive for users.

Clearing clutter and label creation: The user should work more on the cleaning of the Gmail inbox, by getting all the clutter cleared and the labels should be created in the inbox for better effective and efficient use of the Gmail inbox.

Gmail customized shortcut keys: It is also possible for the users to now get their Gmail keys customized for shortcuts; this has further made it easier for them to get the work done fast and smoothly in the Gmail inbox.

Gmail inbox offline mode: The users can also get the setup of Gmail account done in offline mode, and they can also use the inbox of Gmail even without an internet connection.

Inbox display style: Other than the layout design configuration, the users can also get the inbox display style chosen, the users can see whichever suits best to their inbox, and can further use it accordingly.

Snooze option the new and updated Gmail inbox also has this option of getting the emails snoozed, the snooze time comes set by default but the users can get that changed as per their own comfort zone.

The single command sends and archives: The users can also now send and archive the messages in Gmail inbox then and there in just one single command. This would save a lot of time for people and would be helpful for them.

So, this is how users can make Gmail inbox not just efficient but also effective, all the Gmail inbox features are very easy to be used and to be understood, there can be nothing better than these features in order to make the email service used in a proper manner. The users are just advised to read all that is written very carefully, further understanding would not be tough for them. The guide has been written in simple language and really very easy words there is nothing that would leave people confused regarding anything related to the Gmail email inbox and they will be able to further make use of it in the right manner.

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