How can I add Gmail account in outlook for office 365?

Well as it comes to using a Gmail account with the outlook for office 365, then we can say that yes this is something in trend these days. People nowadays are using both Gmail as well as the outlook for office 365. It is here for making lives easier for people and yes it is successfully doing so. But still for those who are not from proper technical backgrounds things are a bit complicated and they do need proper guidance for dealing with it in the right manner

Adding Gmail account with Outlook for office 365-

For this process please follow, the steps given below-

• Please open outlook

• After this enter your Gmail address

• Next, please click on “connect”

• After this, click on “done”

Now, the set up of Gmail in Outlook is not something as easy as it seems in the steps discussed here, there are many more technical procedures also that are still included with it. Further, here in the guide, we will discuss those included procedures.

Enable IMAP in Gmail account-

In order to enable IMAP in Gmail account please follow, the steps given below-

• Open the Google official website on the browser

• After this, sign in to your Gmail account

• From the top right corner of your inbox click on the “gear icon”

• After this click on your “settings option”

• After this, at the top of the menu choose “ forwarding POP/IMAP tab

• Next, click the circle towards the left for enabling IMAP

• After this, click on the “save changes” button

• The button is usually visible at the bottom of the Window

Now, talking regarding the next set of steps we can say that those only need to be applied if there is two-factor authentication enabled on your Google account. If there is two factors authentication enabled then you will need an app-specific password for your Gmail account.

For the app-specific password please follow, the steps are given below-

• Please click on the “profile icon” given at the top right corner of the Window

• Next, please select your Google account option

• After this, from the left side of the Window please choose “security tab”

• From under, signing, into Google the user will be able to choose an app password

• After this, from the drop-down menus please choose an app or device for which the password is required

Now, after all of this will be done, the further conduct of the adding process will be an easy thing for the user to do.

Adding Gmail in Outlook 365-

If you have to, do, it, then for that please follow the steps given below-

• Open Outlook

• Then enter your Gmail address in the provided field and then please click on the connect button

• After this, go back to Google Windows, then take a copy of the app password

• Go and put that in the password field

• After this, click on “connect”

Other than this if in case you are already using some other email account in your Outlook setup and now you also wish to add your Gmail account then for that there are some more steps that you will follow. Here, further in the guide we will discuss those steps and will make it easier for everyone to understand.

For completing the process please follow the given steps-

• At the top left of the Outlook Window please click on the file tab

• Next, please choose the account settings button

• Right above the email address click on the “new button”

• Then in the given field enter your Gmail email address


If you still need to know more related to adding Gmail account in outlook for office 365, then in that case you should get in touch with the team of trained and certified Gmail experts. They can be asked for help at any given time they are available at your service all the time. There is no such problem in the service that the technicians may not be able to deal with it. They are the best to consider if your Gmail account is troubling you in any manner.

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